Friday, October 7, 2011

Laptop Sleeve

I'm one of those moms that loves DIY crafts.  I started looking at other DIY craft blogs and decided, I own a craft business and I have my own craft blog why am I not writing on it?  So here is my first blog in a while.  

It all started with a green and white polka dot laptop sleeve that I bought at Walmart a few years ago.  It was a cheap solution for a broke college student. It also protected my computer from an ALMOST empty cup of juice that got knocked over and a few puddles of baby spit up. 

As you can see, the stains are not pretty, not to mention that I just had to get a new laptop and it's slightly smaller which means there was a lot of wiggle room.  I decided to dismantle the whole thing and recover it making it slightly smaller.   

Each side panel had three layers.  The green polka dots were a stretchy cover.  The white is a foam padding and the black is a liner.

This was the outside band and zipper that was between the two side panels. This part I scratched as my new laptop is thinner and doesn't need this extra depth in the case.

I replaced the green polka dots with this pretty fabric my mother gave me. Sewing the three panels together form each side first, then putting them together right side in. 

It is a little stiff when you flip it right side out but once you get it there it looks great. 
I used velcro to hold it together but you could make it using a number of different things.

I could have put the zipper back in there but I switched the opening from the long side to one of the shorter ends.  I love the new look and the lack of stains.  I also love that the $5 or so that I spent a few years back can be stretched to last a while longer and I didn't spend any more money to make this one!

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  1. i love what you have doen with this fabric...its cute